"Kenellä on valta Suomessa?" Rauno Setälä ja stalinistisen diskurssin valta

"Who Wields Power in Finland?" Rauno Setälä and the power of Stalinist discourse

Can research into the discourse on power offer us results worth pursuing that nonetheless fall beyond the scope of realist studies of the 'phenomenon of power'? The author sets out to answer this question by way of a close reading of the political autobiography of a self- proclaimed Finnish "Neo-Stalinist", dating from 1970. A textual analysis of this document illuminates the complex interplay between the conceptual equivalents of 'power', 'revolution', and 'violence' in Finnish language as well as their inscription in the rhetoric of a nascent Communist student movement. In this perspective, the instrumental and reifying concept of power implied in the text unfolds as the rhetorical device for construing opposition and for creating an identity of resistance.

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