Kulttuurien tutkimus suomalaisessa yliopistolaitoksessa

The study of cultures in the Finnish universities

How to apportion budget cuts with the least possible damage is the subject of a study commissioned by the deans of the faculties of arts and humanities. According to the study, humanities in Finland hold such an important position in Finnish cultural discussion that the recourses granted to them are also usually expected to be rather high. In reality, however, they represent a mere one per cent of the total financing of the institutions of higher education in this country. The disciplines within arts and humanities have made an effort to increase their efficiency by means of improved delegation and co-operation, but closing down units which are already small and scattered is not the right way to build a truly functional system. Rather than accept internationalisation as a goal in itself, Finland should set its own national research interests, as well. These include, essentially, the study of so-called national fields, as the knowledge of one's own culture is a necessary condition for understanding other cultures.

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