"Tässä on minun katuni" – kaupunkilainen elämäntapa Mary Marckin koululaisromaaneissa

"This is my street" – The urban way of life in Mary Marck's novels about school pupils

Urbanism in Finland sounds like a late and foreign intruder. What is originally and truly Finnish is something austere and unsociable and has to do with countryside and wilderness. Urbanism – education and civilised manners, pluralism and politics, fast speed and superficiality – has always represented something suspect and insincere to Finns. Mary Marck's novels, however, are anchored in an absolutely Finnish urban environment in a way that brings to mind Walter Benjamin's interpretation of Charles Baudelaire's poetry. In Baudelaire, "the mass is so integrated that it is useless to look for any descriptions of it in his work. ... Baudelaire describes neither any the city nor its inhabitants." Similarly, in Mary Marck's novels, the city and the urban way of life appear as a force, invisible in itself, which is carried along by the whole narrative.

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