Jos kansa katosi, katoavatko kansalliset tieteetkin?

Now that the Unified Nation has Disappeared, will National Sciences Disappear as well?

Part of the humanities have traditionally been called national sciences in Finland. In the 1880s they were needed for ideological and political purposes: to create a unified "nation", write its history and develop a language that it could use to create an advanced literary culture. During Finland's struggle for independence, this ideal "nation" was painfully revealed to be a mere bubble. This, however, did not change the role of the national sciences, which in fact became solid supporters of the White leaders of independent Finland. The scientific life of the new nation was limited in many ways and the state borders became the borders of scientific research as well. Even the last wars could not change this situation. It is only during the last few years that national sciences have again started to become internationalised in both their problematics and their methods. The internationalisation and European integration are also seen as threats. What if the nation living in the shade of a multinational techno-system found the recipe of quality of life in provincial – earlier national – sciences?

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