Sota, politiikka, talous, ideologia. Michael Mannin valtalähdeanalyysin käsitteet

War, politics, economy, ideology. The concepts of Michael Mann's analysis of the sources of social power

According to Mann, society is not a totality, but a "patterned mess", which is best illustrated within the framework of four organised sources of power: ideological, economical, military, and political power. In addition to presenting this approach, the article discusses the similarities between Mann's and Weber's comparisons of civilisations. Five problems arise. These have to do with (1) the concept of power, (2) the status of the IEMP scheme, (3) Mann's criticism of systems theory and comparative sociology, (4) the possibility of a Eurocentric bias, and (5) the strong emphasis on organised forms of power. As problematic as all these may be, Mann's project is still one of the most promising attempts at bridging the gap between social theory and empirical studies of history.

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