Professiot – pelastajia vai pelastettavia?

Professions – will they save us or should we save them?

 The study of professions opens an important angle to modernity. It makes it possible for us to sound the depths of the agencies of interests, power and culture. It is not easy to create an international understanding of what professionalism is, as the concept of profession is understood in different ways in different liguistic areas. Since Emile Durkheim and Max Weber, however, it has been customary to assume that professions are there to bring rationality into the world. Nowadays, the importance of expertise in the social legitimisation of professions is increasing. From the point of view of political pragmatism, however, canonised ways of expertise fail to meet today's major social needs, such as the effort to control the accumulating environmental risks. The result is the difficult union of specialisation and universalism. Expertise becomes internationalised under the pressure of global questions of society and multinational processes of integration. Professionalism restricted to national states and domestic markets faces a new competitor in the form of a new, mobile expertise.

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