Professioiden kentän rakentuminen sääty-yhteiskunnassa

 The "old order" of society and the development of the field of professions in Finland

 The article discusses the changes of professions in a class society and during its transition into a bourgois liberal society. The object of the analysis consists of the field formed by professions and their educational institutions. The development of individual professions (medical doctors, architects, lawyers) is also studied. The basic proposition is that the early development of professions in Finland was closely related to the social class structure and largely determined by it. This was based on the fact that the ruling classes – nobility and clergy – were unusually dependent on certain professions. In Finland, the land-owning position of the nobility was weak, which is why nobility was closely bound to military professions. The other leading estate, clergy, also dominated the educational professions. In this way, the formation and internal division of the field of professions are closely related to the changes undergone by the ruling classes and their mutual rivalry. Professions in Finland opened an important route to the old status groups in their effort to adapt themselves to modern society.

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