Hyvinvointivaltiollisen professioprojektin katkos

A rupture in the profession project of the welfare society

In the Nordic Countries, professionalisation has been largely based on the increase of public welfare services. Professionalists are dependent on a public client. Today, public administration displays openly anti-professional objectives. Although expertise protected and strictly defined by trades and professions is becoming increasingly brittle, the rupture in the profession process is in fact due to the financial crisis of public economy rather than a general crisis of expertise. The public client-buyer is trying to shake off its monopoly, cut down on the number of its professionalists and force those that remain to commit themselves to a new awareness of costs, goals, and results. The professionalists are opposed to administrative result strategies. They are even more reluctant to give up the state and end up on the mercy of the markets, free excercise of trade and self-employment. Professional trades and the university sciences behind them strive to respond to the crisis of expertise by reflexivity and by emphasising their ability to learn from experience and open a horizon of doing things differently.

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