Jacques-pot eli kun postimies soittaa kahdesti

Jacques-pot; or when the postman rings twice

The purpose of the article is to give an account of the quality of the structural form essential both to the psychoanalytic theory of Jacques Lacan and to the Derridean critique of the Lacanian system. Along with Lacan's Le sé minaire sur La Lettre volée and Derrida's Le facteur de la verite I discuss an early article of Lacan Le temps logique et l assertion de certitude anticipee in which he presents an idea of a collective logic based on temporality. I compare the structure of this temporal logic to the Poe-triads and the repetition-compulsion that form the basic structure of Lacan's theory of psychoanalysis. The temporal logic has the same triadic structure, but because of its genuinely temporal feature, which I interpret to be pure becoming, i.e. paradoxical time, Lacanian and Derridean systems collapse when applied to it. In these systems becoming has to be a-temporalised by means of the symbolic replacement, i.e. the endless chain of signifiers. This is the structural reason for the compulsion to repeat.

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