Voiko metafysiikkaa paeta? Otto Neurathin ensyklopedismi ja David Mitranyn funktionalismi

Can Metaphysics be avoided? Otto Neurath's encyclopedism and David Mitrany's functionalism

The article compares Otto Neurath's (1882–1945) encyclopedism with David Mitrany's (1888–1975) functionalism. Otto Neurath tried to form his "International System of Unified Science" on the principles of a "physicalist" language which was free from metaphysical statements. As a member of the left wing of the Vienna Circle Neurath saw socialist educational programmes and unified science as two sides of the same coin. Also David Mitrany constructed his functionalist theory of integration on principles in which the aims of integration were far less studied than the process itself. Neurath's encyclopedism faded away after the World War II but Jean Monnet (1888–1979), "the father of Europe", applied Mitrany's functionalist ideas to the process of European integration.

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