Bipolaarisuus ja sukupuoliero – voiko etiikan subjekti olla sukupuolinen?

Bipolarity and sexual difference – can the subject of ethics be sexual?

The article presents three phenomenologically oriented thinkers to whom sexual difference is an important philosophical problem. In Emmanuel Levinas's thinking sexual difference is a difference of a specific kind and corporeality and sexuality are essential in descriptions of the constitution of subjectivity. Still, the article argues that Levinas is unable to think about this "difference in itself" as he first describes it because of the implicit binarity behind his thinking. The difference between sexual binarity and sexual difference is then presented as it is formulated in Jacques Derrida's reading of ‘Dasein' and sexuality. It is argued that this reading – while conceptually interesting – perhaps can not lead to any further fruitful examinations of the sexuality of ‘Dasein'. Finally it is shown that Luce Irigaray's thinking of sexual difference is an attempt to open up sexuality as a ‘gift' and to avoid binarity by explicitly and constantly questioning the limits of language and by trying not to describe sexuality as an attribute of a being.

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