Hegelin ja Heideggerin välienselvittely

The confrontation of Hegel and Heidegger

How to read Heidegger with Hegel? How to approach their "loving conflict" as a dialogue between subjects, instead of making just another comparison of two objects of research? The question is studied by an analysis of the three words that Heidegger uses in order to describe his relation to Hegel: Gespräch, abhebende Verdeutlichung, and Auseinandersetzung. The analysis of these terms implies a re-evaluation of Hegel's and Heidegger's ways of understanding Being, the Subject, and the Community. Finally the relation between Hegel and Heidegger is defined as their confrontation (Auseinandersetzung), which is characterised by conflict instead of difference, by kinship instead of closeness, and by translation instead of a founding Word or Proposition.

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