Mitä yhteiskunta tekee Pohjoismaissa?

What does society do in the Nordic countries?

'Society' has been a popular concept in the Nordic countries. The article focuses on the history of the Nordic notion of society as an agent. Society has seldom represented a sphere for articulating particular and private interests. Instead, society has been supposed to put limits on them in the name of general or public interest. The historical features of Nordic 'society' are discussed by relating them to arguments concerning the modern concept of society. It has been argued that this concept with its tight anchorage to the nation-state is too strong and too limited to sustain. However, within the very debate on globalization, reflections on different "models" which refer to national institutions are vivid and popular. In the concluding remarks, tensions between the Nordic concept of society and the reproduction of national "imagined communities" through the imperatives of global economic competition are discussed.

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