Mark C. Taylor ja maallisen jälki. Teologian mahdollisuuksista Jumalan kuoleman jälkeen

Mark C. Taylor and the trace of the secular. On the possibilities of theology after the death of God

This study traces the outlines of a persistent theological strand in the writings of Mark C. Taylor. In the 1980s Taylor was one of the first thinkers to attract attention to the theological implications, and possible (a/)theological applications, of Jacques Derrida's particular brand of deconstruction. In subsequent years, Taylor has moved more and more away from fields traditionally associated with theology and towards cultural theory and criticism. In the course of the 1990s Taylor has written on subjects ranging from art, fashion and phrenology to disease, virtual reality, and Las Vegas. A common theme running through these various efforts concerns the continued love affair the Western imagination shares with the opposite temptations of immanence and transcendence. In this paper I argue that this perspective provides the theologically minded with a continued challenge, even as it continues to challenge Taylor himself.

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