Demokratian viimeinen tilaisuus? Habermasin artikkelin esittely

The last chance for democracy?

Throughout his career, Jürgen Habermas has been first and foremost a philosopher of democracy. For Habermas, the political autonomy of free and equal citizens is realized in processes of discursive will-formation in which everyone has an equal opportunity to present their reasons and engage in public deliberation. In addition to formal civil rights and open institutional structure, this translation of communicative power to administrative power requires an effective possibility to carry out political decisions whose subjects are also their authors, a fair equality of opportunity, and a sense of solidarity among citizens. Each of these presuppositions has been under threat as nation-states have had to give up decision-making power to markets and supranational actors. Habermas sees democratizing and strengthening the European Union with the goal of eventually bringing about a global domestic policy as the only plausible answer to these challenges.

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