Kohtalo radikaalina sidoksena. Jean Baudrillard ja kääntyminen pois kapitalismista

The Radical Tie. Jean Baudrillard's Fate as A Turning Away From Capitalism

In this article I try to challenge the capitalistic metaphysics of freedom by applying Jean Baudrillard's conception of fate as presented in his Les Strategies Fatales (1983). The metaphysics of freedom characterizes capitalism in two ways. First, capitalism is freedom from archaic and feodalistic ties. Second, capitalism is freedom in relation to the possibilities of willing and producing. The world of fate is a hypothesis which does not include either one of these freedoms. It is neither a deterministic world, nor even a world of chance. It is a ceremonic world of rituals, inevitable connections and magnetic distances. The ethics of fate replaces the nihilistic ethics of Sollen by being open to the call of destiny. Fatalist thought affirms unexpected exteriority, but at the same time it relies on alliances and arbitrary rules of the illusoric world.

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