Rakkaus, valta ja anteeksianto. Feministisen filosofian suhde länsimaiseen ajatteluun

Love, power and forgiveness? Feminist philosophy and the tradition of Western thought

The relation of women and, more specifically, feminist philosophers to the tradition of often misogynist Western thought has been troubled. The article examines two gendered metaphors, love and (patriarchal) power relation, which feminist philosophers have used to formulate this relation during the 20th century. Both these metaphors bring about different problems concerning the "truth" philosophy is concerned with. In conclusion we look at a third possible metaphor for the relation of women philosophers and the canon of Western philosophy. Hannah Arendt's notion of forgiveness, while not explicitly formulated for this context, combines elements of both love and politics and gives one way of reshaping a problem many women philosophers face: can one and should one understand one's work as a continuation of a canon which historically has excluded women?

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