Jos mahdollista en haluaisi jättää mitään hämärään. Bataille, maallistuminen ja salaisuus

If possible, I want to leave nothing in the shadows. Bataille, secularisation and the secret

The article considers the thinking of Georges Bataille in the context of secularisation and of modern re-evaluation of religion, especially of Christianity. Religion is defined as maintenance of the secret and secularisation as a demythologisation that seeks to unravel and abolish the structure of the secret. Bataille's thinking is presented as an important example of the critique of the modern project of demythologisation. This critique, it is argued, is critique in the name of a certain religiosity, the religiosity of wild and unmediated experience. However – the article seeks to establish – at a closer look this experience turns out to be mediated by language. From Bataille's texts, there emerges what one might call the ambiguous space of secularised religiosity.

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