Unohdetun politiikka. Ian Hacking ja intiimit totuudet

The Politics of the Forgotten. Ian Hacking and the Intimate Truths

The paper is an overview of Ian Hacking’s Rewriting the soul. The central question is how Hacking deploys his ideas of historical ontology and making up people in an actual study on the role of psychiatric knowledge in politicization of personal experience and intimate life. The influence of Michel Foucault’s late philosophy on Hacking’s thinking is emphasized, yet the differences between them are also pointed out. Pre-eminently, Hacking sets aside the polititical and technological aspects of the modern "sciences of the soul" and focuses on historical epistemic conditions that made memory a scientific object. For Hacking, memoro-politics is essentially a politics of knowledge. In addition, it is also argued that Hacking’s idea of indeterminacy in the past implies a Kantian ethical criterion for truth-claims concerning the personal past and memory: such truths should help the individual to become an autonomous person and increase her self-determination through self-awareness.

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