"Täyttymättömien tilojen passiivinen fantasia". Robert Musilin kontingenssin käsitteen jäljillä

The passive fantasy of unfulfilled spaces. Tracing Robert Musil's concept of contingency

For the most part the concept of contingency has been understood as chance, opportunity, alternative, latitude or creation based on awareness that is neither necessary nor impossible, neither inevitable nor unthinkable. It is not difficult to accept the view that the contingency of modern society in the 20th century presents a valid truth. It is however difficult to get hold of the conceptual frame of this analysis, namely the contingency theorem itself. This essay has picked up Robert Musil's unfinished "Man Without Qualities". It tries to trace the ways in which the reality of undetermination is recognized, and how the idea of contingency, latitude and new possibilities become its conducting concepts. Musil's contingency represents one way of clarifying the contingency theorem.

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