Historia ja äärellisyys. Heideggerin olemisen ajattelusta

History and Finitude. On Heidegger’s Thought of Being

In Heideg­ger’s thought, the question of being is indissociable from the question of history: the very question of being comes from the history of philosophy which now shows itself as the history of the oblivion of being. In order to address the relation between being and history, Being and Time tries to clarify the historicity of existence by showing its origin in finitude. Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics further develops the idea of original finitude as the exigency of the understanding of being and shows how finitude, which is more original than human being, makes possible an ontological crea­tivity. In Introduction to Metaphysics, the finitude of existence is further developed, under the motif of exigency, as the very happening of humanity in its uncanniness. For Heidegger, history eventually means the arrival of being by which human being is at once doomed to being constantly in exigency and also opened to its creative possibilities.

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