Mahdollisuus ja ei. Heideggerin, Nancyn ja Figalin painotuksia olemisen vapaudesta

Possibility and not. Heideg­ger’s, Nancy’s, and Figal’s different emphases of freedom of being

Thinking of freedom is central in Heidegger’s philosop­hy, although not always explicitly. Both Jean-Luc Nancy and Günter Figal have no­ted this. However, their somewhat different interpretations of Heidegger’s thinking of freedom, although essential, seem to have some problems. Stemming from this situation, the present article tries to show how freedom works in temporality of being, in the cavernous, abyssal opening of possibilities in the coming moment, and thus in the truth of being. It takes Heidegger’s Beiträge zur Philosophie (Vom Ereignis) as its guideline, and ends up re-reading the concept of Lichtung as the core of Heidegger’s thinking of freedom.

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