Staden som konstverk. Sitte ja Brinckmann Gustaf Strengellin innoittajina

The City as a Work of Art. Sitte and Brinckmann as the Inspiration of Gustaf Strengell

The architect Gustaf Strengell (1879–1937) was one of the leading critics and theorists of architecture in Finland in the early decades of the 20th century. He set out as a modern rationalist and individualist, but during the years of the First World War, he changed his attitudes in the opposite direction towards holistic, collective and historical values. Strengell’s book Staden som konstverk (The City as a Work of Art) from 1922 was an influential manifesto in the spirit of Nordic Classicism underlining a unified cityscape and historical sensibilities. The present article analyses the book and the impact of Camillo Sitte and A. E. Brinckmann on Strengell’s notions of urban design (stadsbyggnadskonst).

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