Naturalismi, metafora ja Rortyn kirjallisuusfilosofia

Naturalism, metaphor, and Rorty’s Philosophy of Literature

The paper discusses Richard Rorty’s neo-pragmatist conception of literature by highlighting some important aspects of his philosophy which have been largely overlooked in the reception of Rorty’s work within aesthetics and philosophy of literature. First, I consider the effect of Donald Davidson’s theory of metaphor on Rorty’s conception of literature, and, second, I point out the connections Rorty’s approach to literature bear to the naturalistic underpinnings of his neo-pragmatism. The insights to Rorty’s work these points of view provide, I believe, call especially Richard Shusterman’s criticism of Rorty’s views into question. I shall also argue that Rorty’s philosophy of literature overlaps in some significant respects with the social and cultural view of art and the aesthetic involved in John Dewey’s pragmatism. I close by outlining some new set of issues for pragmatist aesthetics which emerge from the discussion of Rorty’s work presented in the paper.

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