Tahdikkuus esteettis-eettisenä toimintaperiaatteena

Tact as an aesthetic-ethical principle of behavior

The article deals with tact as a principle that guides people's behavior. The concept of tact is compared with related concepts such as politeness, good taste and sensitivity and their theoretical analyses. The essay analyses what tact is and how it is manifested in practical situations; tact is understood as a common but non-rule-governed and situational inclination to behave in a certain way. The end of the article deals with the question: what or whom a person, who strives to be tactful, is actually in "con-tact" with? Some problems connected to this principle are also treated. The most important problem is that it is common to aim at situational tactfulness but that will necessary lead to conflicts and controversies on the level of broader contexts even if the person aiming at tactfulness might be blind to this issue.

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