Onko näppituntumalla enää väliä?

Does the rule of thumb still hold?

The article reflects on digitality and interface design in terms of the sense of touch. Touching is presented as a 'pathic' sense of being exposed, which implies that touching exceeds the tactile world. A particular focus is set on Aristotle's and Husserl's ways of thematizing the sense of touch. In this way two extremes of the phenomenological thinking of touching are articulated: touching as an indistinct and heterogeneous cons­tituent of sensitivity and touching as the guarantor of immediacy of the sense experience. Referring to Derrida's critical notes concerning 'haptocentrism', the article suggests that insofar as interface design aims at tactile realism it conceives of the sense of touch in terms of ‘narcissistic feedback' and thus tends to conceal the 'pathic moment' of touching.

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