Traditionaalisuus, sukupuoli ja tuleva demokratia – Derridan veljeydestä

Tradition, Gender, and Democracy to Come - Derrida on Fraternity

In this article I explore feminist implications of Derrida's interest in "fraternity" in his writings on "democracy to come." Derrida's feminism comes to the fore in his debate with Jean-Luc Nancy, and I argue that his view converges with Carole Pateman's. However,  I also argue that Derrida's concern with fraternity does not focus on the role of women in democratic representation, but rather on the role of family, filiation, blood and birth in the democratic tradition. Through his discussion on fraternity Derrida shows that family is a central and problematic aspect of the democratic tradition which, using the term fraternity, claims to be beyond the patriarchal tradition.

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