Käytännöistä vieraantuminen kapitalistisessa yhteiskunnassa. Alasdair MacIntyren marxilais-aristoteelinen politiikan tiede

Alienation from Practices in Capitalist Society: Alasdair MacIntyre’s Marxist Aristotelianism

In After Virtue (1981) Alasdair MacIntyre states that he still accepts the Marxist critique of liberalism and that ”part of the conception of ideo­logy of which Marx is the ancestral begetter [...] does indeed underlie my central thesis about morality”. The main task of After Virtue is to present a diagnosis of the modern moral malaise and to develop an Aristotelian ethics by introducing the concept of practices. This essay argues that Marx’s conception of alienation can be understood as alienation from practices. MacIntyre’s dia­gnosis is also related to empirical research especially through Karl Polanyi’s study of ”the Great Transformation”.

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