Elämän normatiivisuus: klinikka ja terveys Georges Canguilhemin Essaissa

The Normativity of Life: Clinic and Health in Georges Canguilhem’s Essai

This article, supported with a translation of a key passage, introduces Georges Canguilhem’s Essai sur quelques problèmes concernant le normal et le pathologique. It consists of an introduction to Canguilhem’s background, a presentation of Essai’s main argument and technical remarks on translation. Essai continues to be a thought-provoking text in the history and philosophy of science, in the tradition marked by Bachelard and Cavaillès. Influenced by Alain, Goldstein, and more implicitly Nietzsche, Canguilhem defines health not as normality but normativity, i.e. the capacity to institute new vital norms.

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