Pääomaa etsimässä. Maahanmuuttajien työllistymisen tutkimus ja työmarkkinat ilman tuotantoa

Looking for Capital. Research on Employment of Immigrants and Labour Markets without Production

In the research of employment of immigrants in Finland the overrepresentation of immigrants in the service sector is usually explained by social capital, above all by a lack of trust and social networks. In the final analysis social capital rests on the presuppositions of neoclassical economics and the idea of neutral labour market. However, the assumption of the human and social capital as dominant factors in employment disguise the effect of social inequalities, such as gender, race and ethnicity, but also the role of state in hierarchizing immigrant labor. The notion of social capital is not able to explain discrimination or the segmentation of the labor market but instead approaches a tautological explanation. In order to understand the position of immigrants in labour market we need to pay attention to the organization of production in Post-Fordist capitalism and the demand for flexible labour.

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