Mielikuvitus arjessa. Deweyläisiä näkökulmia arjen estetiikkaan

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Imagination in the Everyday. Deweyan Perspectives on Everyday Aesthetics

Everyday aesthetics has in recent years grown rather rapidly into an important subfield of philosophical aesthetics. This paper develops a Deweyan perspective on some core issues of everyday aesthetics. A reading of Dewey's notion of aesthetic experience that highlights the role Dewey assigns to imagination in this form of experience in his classic work Art as Experience will serve as the starting point for the article. The theory of everyday aesthetics developed in the paper will also draw on some Deweyan inspired work on the position of imagination in moral life done in recent pragmatist ethics. The conception of the aesthetics of the everyday that emerges from these pragmatist sources will be discussed in relation to the views of some prominent theorists of everyday aesthetics, particularly those of Yuriko Saito and Thomas Leddy.